IVR Service Provider Company

With the increasing inclination towards customer oriented business practises, an IVR service  is a boon for every business. Keeping a regular touch with your audience is imperative for running of a successful business.

Benefits of IVR or Interactive Voice Response

  • An invaluable marketing tool for any company.
  • Smoothens up your organization’s communication,
  • It helps in cutting down the costs involved in manually keeping a touch with the customers.

An IVR system uses a telephonic menu system which enables the identification, segmentation and the routing of callers to the concerned person in your team.

An IVR application provides a pre-recorded voice response for various situations and eases your task of communication with your organization’s audience. It is a software that enables an organization to use the pre-recorded greetings or menu that your customer can access through a phone keypad as well.

You can use a virtual telephone number that can forward your calls to the desired numbers as per your requirements. We can assist you in running all the communication involved in your business smoothly. The virtual numbers offered by us are cost-effective, geographically flexible and enable external device forwarding.

However, we also offer manual handling of all calls rather than pre recorded messages

Benefits of call answering-

  • Make great first impression
  • Dedicated board line numbers
  • Calls answered by your dedicated virtual PA
  • Human appointment setting
  • Calls answered in your company’s name
  • Calls transferred to numbers of your choice
  • Messages conveyed by email or text
  • Humans maintain record for you